Since 1984, Yasaman Bakery has been delivering fresh, natural and authentic pastries, cakes, and desserts. Yasaman bakery is an open door to the exquisite flavors of the Middle East and Europe. Made in store with only fresh and natural ingredients, we offer a wide selection of cookies and pastries, from the traditional baklavas, raisin, almond, walnut and rosewater cookies to handmade saffron ice cream and sweet fried persian doug.  Eclairs, rollets, cream puffs and our traditional fruit cake are baked every day using the freshest cream, whole fruits and decadent chocolate.  For more than 30 years, Yasaman Bakery has been the go to place for made to order cakes for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays or any other special occasion. Our customers trust the exceptional taste and quality of Yasaman pastries.


Owned by the same persian family this web since 1984, this family is dedicated to bring to the Washington DC area exclusive cookies, desserts and pastries that aren’t found in your regular bakery shop. If you are around the neighborhood come and visit us.


Our Menu

Sliced Fruit cake

A favorite of many made with real fruit and in house custard covered in apricot glaze.


Cream and custard fill the sheets  of dough and powdered sugar and pistachio for a decadent finish.

Persian Baghlava

Classic Persian baklava with almonds and cardamom.


Another Persian classic; cake rolled with sweet cream and cut in individual sizes


Glossy sugary dough flakes